Jeg har været irriteret over det længe, så nu har jeg skrevet til HP’s CEO, Léo Apotheker.

Dear Léo,

In these, so eco-oriented times, I have come to wonder, why an obvious feature for printers, has not yet, or ever, been implimented.
Time and time again, I printed copies of e-books or other material, which contains several empty or blank pages.
And for equially as many times, I’ve been annoyed that the printer is wasting time and power processing, feeding and “printing” an empty page, not to mention that I need to take those empty pages out of the pile, and put them back into the printer.

Why not make a feature, that makes the user able to choose if those empty pages should be printed or not?
I can’t imagine that it would be a big problem to impliment it in your drivers.

Eco-wise, I’m sure it won’t save that much – But a few miliseconds of processing, and a great deal of
miliseconds of feeding would save some power, and the lifetime of moving parts would be prolonged a bit.
Additionaly, the user could be spared a great deal of annoyance 🙂

Just a suggestion 🙂

Så er der kun tilbage, at væbne mig med tålmodighed – Og krydse fingre 😀

Og inden du flamer – Kan du ærligt sige, at det aldrig har irriteret dig, bare den mindste smule? 😀

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